Looking for more information on the abuse of drugs, vaccination, and the health of children? Here is a list of helpful resources we recommend you to check out!

American Academy of Pediatrics – The AAP takes pride in their work to provide the best resources and groups of pediatricians who are committed to the overall health and well-being for children. The AAP organization stands by their principles to help guide through effective healthcare for adolescents.

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The World Health Organization – The WHO is dedicated to building a strong foundation for a better future for citizens across the globe. With offices located in over 150 countries, the World Health Organization works along-side with the governments and local partners to provide the highest opportunities for health.

Emmi – – National Health care organizations and hospitals use Emmi to engage patients with positive experiences across the nation with the quality of care. Emmi provides the key to better health care with the right tools to support them.

Get Well Network – – The Get Well Network has a mission to advance the health care science to keep patients and families engaged in encouraging them to take on more active roles in health care management. The network is comprised of physicians, clinicians, nurses, researchers, pharmacists, and academicians across the nation.

To learn more about how we can prevent drug abuse and stay away of vaccinations, click on the links to find out more.