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5 Reasons Why Teens Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

Are you struggling with your child’s substance abuse? There is no one reason why teens are looking for alcohol and drugs. But we’ve narrowed down the common issues behind the behavior. As a parent, it is important to reach out to kids and discuss the dangers that come with it.

Here are 5 reasons why teens abuse drugs and alcohol.

Peer Pressure

Teens are surrounded by other individuals who consume various substances. When they see their families or friends drinking alcohol, smoking, or trying substances, their interest will spark. Friends may even urge them to have a drink or try smoking. If they see their friends doing it, they will consider it as a normal experience or thing to do.

Media Influence

Did you know that 45% of teens agree that music and TV make alcohol and drugs seem cool to do? With such a high influence today, it is important to discuss the dangers with your children.

A method of Escape

When teens are not happy, they often look for ways to release their stress and frustration. However, they may not always be looking to discuss their issues with a trusted confidant. As a result, they may look to chemicals as a solution. Depending on the substance they use, they might find themselves at ease or as a way to control their own body.

Just to “Try It”

Teens are always looking to try something new. They even find themselves looking to try new methods of excitement. Not only do drugs and alcohol help fill the void, they even provide a common ground to socialize with like-minded teens.

Lack of Confidence

Many teenagers who lack confidence find themselves doing things under the influence of peer pressure or alcohol and drugs. This helps them to feel relatively more confidence and gives them the courage to do things they might not have done without the influence.

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