Me Activist is dedicated to raising awareness about the abuse of drugs and importance of vaccinations in children. Since the beginning, we have supported families across the nation in response to changing the drug landscape and rise.

We at Me Activist are dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their child’s substance abuse or simply looking for answers to vaccination worries.

Through our organization, we work with our generous foundation and corporate partners to help us meet your goals in providing families and children the support they need. We provide families with empowering through information, guidance, and support to help them get their loved ones the help they need and deserve.

Me Activist advocates the strong understanding of effective programs and counseling to help treat the disease of addiction in all ages. Our mission is to give families the strength and information to prepare them for the struggles and meet success along the road to recovery.

We connect with families and work with them to provide a powerful platform to share their struggles and success. We also educate families in regards to vaccinations and substance abuse along with useful strategies.

Change starts from within. Help join us to advocate our support and healthier perceptions to the issues of substance use and awareness.